Alex Chilvers

Australian composer of
concert music


Alex Chilvers is an Australian composer based in Sydney. He is currently completing his PhD under the supervision of Michael Smetanin at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he also teaches. Chilvers' music and his research explore the relationship between centuries-old musical traditions and contemporary approaches to composition – particularly in Poland, where he recently traveled to study with the composer Aleksander Lasoń.

Prior to studying music composition, Chilvers gained an undergraduate degree in information technology, and his inclination towards algorithmic problem-solving continues to feed his creativity. His works have been performed by a number of emerging and established ensembles, including Adelaide's Soundstream Collective, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and the Polish New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej).


Upcoming premieres

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Recent premieres

Music Samples

Excerpts from Shots Heard Over The Strait (2013; symphony orchestra):

[Score sample]

X Shots Heard Over The Strait X

Excerpts from Trio I (2014; bass clarinet, violin, piano):

[Score sample]

X Trio I X

Excerpts from Chamber Music for Tereska (2014; chamber orchestra):

[Score sample]

X Chamber Music for Tereska X

Excerpts from o Śląsku (2015; chamber orchestra):

[Score sample]

X o Śląsku X

Excerpts from Carvings (2015; alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion):

Research Interests

Primarily concerned with the role of folk music in contemporary composition — and with a strong focus on Polish composers from Frédéric Chopin through to the present day — below is a list of recently-presented research.

Recent conference/seminar papers


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